Villa Dubelj
Dubrovnik - Croatia
Contact: 00385 996701334
              00385 91 1536824

Hrvatski English

Welcome to Villa Dubelj.
Villa Dubelj is situated in Komolac, small village only 6km away from the UNESCO'S world heritage site Old City of Dubrovnik, close to river Ombla.
Back in the old days the rich and wealthy people used to build their old summer houses and mansions close to the river. A couple of hundred metres away there is a waterfall and a cave and also 2 churches and a monastery are located nearby.
Bus number 1 stop is close to our House, 3 minutes walking distance from our house.
Buses go frequently, every 15 minutes to the Old city and also it takes 15 minutes to get there.
ACI marina is only 5 minutes walking distance from our House and has 3 restaurants, a big swimming pool, tennis and golf cour and a supermarket.
Grocery store and the supermarket are 5 minutes walking distance from our house.
We offer you a free parking in front of our house!
We wish you a nice and pleasant stay!
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